DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Hanging

DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Hanging

Here is a simple and fun project to add a pop of colour to any room! I chose colours to match Van's personalised earthy rainbow blanket , but you could pick any colours that you like! Mix it up, have 3 arcs, or 8! Add textured wool, leave one bare, the possibilities are endless to create your own unique piece of art.

Here's what you'll need:

-yarn/wool in your desired colours

-rope (2m of 15mm thick *natural fibre*) I got mine here.

-wire (I used 1.25mm wire that my husband had in the shed!)

-wire nips (also courtesy of my husband)



-sharpie pen/marker


-a curved needle

-upholstery/strong thread


I started by folding my rope to roughly estimate the size. I wanted to make sure I allowed enough rope so I could make 5 arcs.

Once I was happy with the size, I cut the first, largest arc. Each section after, I marked the cutting line so I didn't waste any rope (or cut one too short)! I taped each section along the cutting line so both ends were secured after cutting. I left each end taped so that it wouldn't unravel during the wool wrapping process.

After cutting the rope into 5 sections, I lay it out and marked a line on each using a ruler. This line was to show me where I wanted to start and stop wrapping on each piece of rope, so that the bottoms would all line up and still allow enough leftover rope to create the "fringe" on the bottom.

Next I added wire. The wire is important because it helps hold your rainbow in the shape you want it. It needs to be strong enough to hold it's shape, but pliable enough that you can bend it with your hands. I made sure to cut the wire slightly shorter than the area to be covered in yarn. Taping the wire at both ends and in the middle kept it in place while I wrapped the rope in yarn.

I started with the largest, outer piece of rope. You can experiment with your knots, just make sure they are at the back. I tucked the ends under as I went. The "back" of the rainbow will be the side with the wire. You can wind the yarn around quite quickly (it doesn't have to be perfect). I stopped every cm or so to slide the yarn up so it covered the rope really well.

After I'd finished fully wrapping the first piece, I did the same steps as above with the next. 

Once I had the two top sections of rope completed, I turned them over so the "back" side was showing, and I used a large needle and strong thread to stitch the two together. I found it easier to switch to a curved needle to stitch the final pieces together.

Now repeat..

and wrap..

..and one more time!

The best part is, it gets faster each time because the ropes get smaller.

Once all layers are finished and stitched together securely, remove the tape from the bottom edges of the rope.

I just used the tip of my needle and my fingers to separate/fray out the bottom of the rope, but you can also use a hair brush for this step!

I created a loop to hang this rainbow using some yarn and knotting the ends. You can also securely stitch a loop of ribbon to the back. Alternatively, if you aren't planning on hanging the rainbow (for use on a shelf, for example), you can skip this step.

Stand back and admire your creation!

There you have it, a finished piece of textile art that you've made yourself. 

If you give this a go, I'd love to see! You can tag #pitterpatternrainbow, or send me a pic!